Editor Reel of Dave May from on Vimeo.


As creative artists we want to help you tell your story visually in the most engaging way possible while keeping on budget. A lot goes on in both production and post production that can help keep your audience engaged, but pre-production planning helps ensure the necessary tools, props, and people are available to get things done efficiently and correctly while also helping to define budgetary needs. This applies to both photography as well as video productions though on different scales. With backgrounds in commercial photography and Dave being an Apple certified Final Cut Pro editor, production quality standards are set high and postproduction is efficient for quick turnaround.

For 2016 we are working to expand into creative wedding videos and corporate video while continuing our current promotional and editorial videos.

So what will your next story be?

Apple Certified Pro - Final Cut Pro X


As a photographer I have a love of the technical aspects of lighting and composition as well as the creative outlet of solving problems. Different subjects require different treatments in lighting, backgrounds, and props. These changing dynamics inspire progressive work. Commercial and editorial work needs to be both functional and interesting and stand out from the barrage of social media imagery. Photography productions are generally a smaller more intimate crew keeping communication responsive and clear.