GoPro Hero3+ Black In Productions

GoPro Hero3+ Black

GoPro Hero3+ Black

I’ve been meaning to get something written up on the latest GoPro before it becomes old news – so much for that. However for those that haven’t made their decision about GoPro use already here are some things to bear in mind. I’m going to start with the cons from an editors perspective. Unfortunately the GoPros still use auto exposure without any available exposure lock that I can tell. ProTune and CamRAW white balance option improve the situation by not over processing it and retaining more in both shadows and highlights, but still isn’t ideal. Notably the darker the environment gets the worse the GoPro performs as a result of its trying to obtain an auto exposure of middle gray. The result is that it cranks up the iso and introduces a lot of noise into the footage while potentially exposing several stops too bright. Some of the noise can be minimized in post, but depending on the situation, you may end up tossing it.

The audio isn’t usually talked about much on the GoPros in part because so many users don’t plan on using the audio to begin with. Many will toss the audio and lay down a music track for instance. I will say however that indoor the audio was surprising good, but in windy environments it’s pretty noisy (like attached to fast-moving objects). It will have a tendency to pick up the wind noise and / or vibration noise of the object it is mounted to. Something interesting I noticed is that the preview playback of audio via smartphone sounded really unusable, but was much much better when viewed on the computer. At the time I think I even tried headphones to listen, but it’s been a while.

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I’ve been meaning to get around to a review of this GoPro Hero 3+ Black for a while. Hoping to get it going over the weekend since I’ve been trying to use it more. For starters I think the Redrock Micro Cobalt Cage would help a lot with getting it mounted more to my liking. It would also simplify mic mounting in some cases (not applicable in others).

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MGs at British Car Service

Barry and Craig at British Car Service invited the MG club and the Atlanta Austin Healey Club (I think Triumph too, but I didn’t spot any) out for a tech session for carburetor tuning and torque wrench accuracy checking. It was a good time with a good group of people. Barry definitely seems to know his stuff when it comes to these British cars! I was a bit busy hanging out and chatting with people about projects and watching Barry tune to really get many photos, but I learned a few things.

Here’s a little nugget from the day: Barry recommends WIX and Napa oil filters (made by WIX). I knew that WIX were good ones and the Fram not so much, but experience has shown the K&Ns to not be up to par. Continue reading for photos!

Production of “Luxury Meant to be Driven”

Lexus has a good range of options from their hybrid hatch to their full size LX SUV, so I decided on something a little outside my normal sporty picks for the first car of the year. However the LS460 F Sport was a delightfully sporty surprise once I got behind the wheel. It was the redesigned 2013, but I hadn’t had a close look at it and even the specs didn’t read as exciting as the driving would be. This seemed like a good opportunity to put together some video sample to start the year off with. Continue reading ->